Our Philosophy

Genesis is a studio for Architecture, Planning and Design founded by Ar. Raghuvir Singh and Ar. Deepti Singh in December year 2003.

The Duo worked for the prestigious firm (Maithel and Assosiates) , Jaipur under guidance of Ar. Sharad and Ar. Sangeeta Maithel and founded their dream organization in 2003 as Genesis Design Group.

The scope of work includes planning and design of buildings, interior environment, furniture as well as workspace consultancy and residential design.

A dedication to new and innovative uses of existing materials keeps the process unique, while a respect for the traditions of the practice ensures not only our integrity, but also our commitment to producing lasting results for every client.

We maintain a central focus on excellence...of design and thought; and cost management remains an integral part of every project. This is only achieved through active client collaboration and partnerships with specialists.

Architecture, design and planning are generated by the needs of people, both physical and emotional. And, our surroundings - the buildings, the workplaces, the homes, and spaces in between - directly contribute to our quality of life. Our pursuit of excellence embraces the physical presence and performance of both buildings and space.

Our energies are focused and directed towards providing our clientele with comfortable environment and guaranteed quality work which in turn helps us to maintain healthy and long lasting terms with them in future.

Ar. Raghuvir Ar. Raghuvir Singh acquired high Bachelors degree
in architecture from MNIT Jaipur in year 2000.

Member of IIA
Member of COA (CA/2009/46638)


Ar. Deepti Ar. Deepti Singh acquired her diploma and degree
in architecture from IIA in Mumbai in the year 2002.

Member of IIA (Reg.No.15670)
Member of IIID
Member of COA (CA/2006/38357)